The Process

Applications for endorsements open late spring.

By submitting the ISD 2020 Endorsement form, you consent to ISD using these answers, and other material about your public policy views, such as your social media posts, to determine if ISD will endorse your candidacy.

When you submit your answers, ISD will respond as promptly as possible. Not all requests will receive an endorsement; not all endorsed candidates will receive ISD funds. 
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2020 Endorsed Candidates

— E. Thomasina Marsili, Indiana's 4th Congressional District

— Pat Hackett, Indiana's 2nd Congressional District
— Joe Mackey, Indiana's 4th Congressional District

— Ian Gamroth, Indiana House District 64

— Ashley Klein, Indiana Senate District 39

Theresa Bruno, Indiana House District 28

2019 Endorsed Candidates


"I am so grateful to Indiana Stonewall Democrats for their support during my 2019 campaign. Their grassroots support in fundraising and social media outreach allowed us to reach so many more of our neighbors. And I look forward to working alongside them to elect even more LGBTQ+ and allies."

— Keith Potts, Indianapolis City-County Council

“Being a member of Indiana Stonewall Democrat’s has been incredibly fulfilling. We have advocated change in our State Party Platform to make it more inclusive and we are constantly educating the rest of the Democratic Community about how we can do better for EVERYONE. It was a no-brainer that when I ran for office, I would seek out ISD’s support. It was instrumental in my historic victory. I am proud to be a member of Indiana Stonewall Democrats.”

— Ali Brown, Indianapolis City-County Council 

“Indiana Stonewall Democrats endorsements for my last 3 elections have been a great asset to my campaigns. Having statewide reach, this endorsement goes out to all Stonewall members and helps me reach like-minded voters, volunteers, and donors. ISD and their endorsement has been a critical part of my campaign strategies for nearly a decade. I’m grateful for the collaboration and support they’ve given our efforts."

Zach Adamson, Vice President, Indianapolis City-County Council
District 17

"I'm most grateful for the material and logistical support that Indiana Stonewall Democrats provided in my successful run for City Council in Greencastle. The caucus leadership helped me leverage resources and data effectively in my campaign."

— Veronica Pejril, Greencastle City Council

"The Indiana Stonewall Democrats are instrumental in championing the rights of LGBTQIA+ persons in Indiana, and I was proud to receive their endorsement in 2019. They provided great support during the campaign and were a pleasure to work with."
— John Hamilton, Mayor of Bloomington

"As an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, I was honored to be endorsed by Indiana Stonewall Democrats in my campaign for City-County Council in Indianapolis. Their endorsement was crucial in our campaign as they were consistently there with us canvassing, phone banking, and at the polls on Election Day. I am proud to have earned the support of ISD as an ally and I look forward to continuing my support of legislation that is inclusive of all Hoosiers."

— Kristin Jones, Indianapolis City-County Council Review

Alex Burton, Evansville City Council

Crista Carlino, Indianapolis City-County Council

"As an LGBTQ candidate in 2019, the endorsement by Indiana Stonewall Democrats was immensely helpful, bringing communication and support from a large sector of constituents.
Indiana Stonewall Democrats’ endorsement helped amplify my platform and increase awareness for my campaign. At the end of the day, the election win in November became a reality with their support."

— Ethan Evans, Indianapolis City-County Council

Tom Henry, Mayor of Fort Wayne

Shawn Denney, Lawrence City Council

"I just want to pause for a second to appreciate the historical significance that has happened tonight...Tonight, I become Indiana’s first openly gay lawmaker. Ladies and gentlemen, we just made history, and no one can take that from us." - Senator JD Ford, Election night 2018


Reach out to us regarding membership, events, or how to sign-up to volunteer. 

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