We are Stonewall.

We are committed to pushing for civil equality for the LGBTQ+ community. We accomplish this by endorsing, supporting, and voting for Democratic candidates that share our values.


Indiana Stonewall Democrats are LGBTQ+ Hoosiers and allies committed to ensuring full equality for our community by supporting candidates that prove themselves allies and legislation that improves the lives of all Hoosiers.


Progress in our community comes from the hard work of our volunteers. Sign up today!


By becoming a member of the Indiana Stonewall Democrats you are helping Democratic candidates who will help fight for equality. Membership fees funds our next LGBTQ+ leaders in our party.


We are making noise all around the state. Join us as we knock doors, make phone calls, and march in parades to show our pride day after day. 
Pride Month is right around the corner! And for another year, things might look a little different. We know that LGBTQ+ members have been hit hard by the pandemic, which means we must uplift our community more than ever before.

✅ Click here to pledge support in your city!

✅ Reach out to your local county, and city elected officials.

✅ Send an email to instonewall@gmail.com to find out how else you can help.


J.D. Ford, Indiana State Senator

"Being the first openly gay state lawmaker in Indiana would not be possible without the support of organizations like Indiana Stonewall Democrats. ISD continues to be the voice and champions of LGBTQ+ community issues and I know as an elected official, I can count on their team of dedicated volunteers to show up across the state."

Josh Peters, Former ISD President 
"Serving as President of Indiana Stonewall Democrats gave me an opportunity to lead a team of committed LGBTQ+ activists focused on civic and political engagement.  ISD has the power and resources to show up in every corner of the Hoosier state to register voters, provide outreach, and represent our community with pride. I encourage anyone to become a member, get involved, engage leadership, and help us transform Indiana into the inclusive and welcoming state we all deserve!" 

We are making noise all around the state. We are fighting harder than ever before to defend the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people


Reach out to us regarding membership, events, or how to sign-up to volunteer. 

Indiana Stonewall Democrats

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